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26 February, 2020



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Catlandia: Crisis at Fort Pawprint, is a 2D RPG featuring cats! The first game in the Catlandia world, players embark upon a short adventure to reveal and squash a canine threat to the peaceful Cat Kingdom. Trout Lake is a vital component in the Cat Kingdom's fish supply lines. But rumours of dogs in the nearby Whisker Woods has forced the Cat Kingdom to establish the outpost of Fort Pawprint to investigate. You are Nugget, a brave Catmando stationed at the fort. Along with your sidekick Sausage, you are charged to sort this whole mess out.


Catlandia was conceived by a group of budding developers who thought it'd be a good idea to make a game all about cats. Wanting to explore how to put a modern spin on classic RPGs while developing a cute story with depth as playable on phones as on desktops, the Catlandia team got to work. Development of this passion project happened during evenings and weekends — punctuated by occasional local showcase opportunities. It turns out? People really loved the idea! So, they kept at it, learned how to make a game, and are happy to finally share this 2D cat RPG!


  • Create a fully customizable cat by choosing colours, shapes, and patterns
  • Collect costume items to make your cat cuter — and unlock powerful techniques
  • Take your cat into battle against dogs, pigeons, and other fearsome creatures
  • Become friends with other cats of varying degrees of helpfulness!
  • Take on exciting quests!


Catlandia Trailer 2020 YouTube


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Catlandia: Crisis at Fort Pawprint Credits

Ryan B.
Design, Writing, Programming

Jessica H.

Ryan S.
Music and Sound

Kent N.
Combat and Level Design

Kyle T.
Additional Programming

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