DEMO Announcement! February 27 is Cat Day!

Catlandia: Prologue Tea Pot Crisis Demo Release Date Set

It’s been a long haul for the Catlandia team! We first started talking about the project in the summer of 2015, and got to work in a semi-organised fashion that winter.

It’s taken so long because Catlandia is being made by a group of busy people trying to fit it in during our spare time, as we’ve said. We’ve also used very few standard assets, opting to create a platform almost entirely from scratch within Unity. It’s been, and continues to be, a fantastic challenge, and a rewarding learning experience.

Finally, we’re super happy to announce that we’re at a point where we feel it’s worth having something available publicly. We’ve shown the game off a few times before now, but only at in-person events around our home base of Edmonton. Now, a lot is liable to change, and indeed, some of our art and other assets are placeholder, but it is nevertheless somewhat representative of the foundation on which we will build the rest of the game.

Welcome to Fort Pawprint

Our demo will feature one full quest from the main storyline. You’ll have access to an initial version of the cats’ lake outpost: Fort Pawprint. Amid fears of an organised dog presence, Nugget’s sister entered the Whisker Woods—and hasn’t been seen all day. Going in after her, you will do battle with a variety of hostile animals, find out what happened, and maybe get an idea of what’s to come.

Features in Tea Pot Crisis Demo

  • Initial version of Fort Pawprint with NPC characters
  • A portion of the Whisker Woods
  • Full main story quest
  • Customisable player cat
  • Playable combat using our CATS system
  • Three encounterable enemies
  • Miniboss battle
  • Level progression and ability purchases
  • Music!


You bet we’re excited. Building this thing has been a long chain of “well we can’t really show it until we have X”, and then we get X, and we say, “it would be a waste of time to do a demo without Y” as well. We’re not gonna put a version number on this, but we do hope that we’ll be able to offer more development versions of the game as we continue building it, now that we’ve committed to this one. So stick with us, and little by little, we’re going to keep on unveiling this odd little feline adventure we’ve been making.

See you February 27!

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