Catlandia: Crisis At Fort Pawprint is the first instalment in the world of Catlandia.

Developed by Polar Tabby Interactive, a small group in Edmonton, Alberta, it’s the answer to the crucial question: “what would it be like to play a cat RPG”?

Drawing from the games we love, we’ve created a 2D RPG set in a fantastical world of talking animals, political intrigue, and cute cat costumes. Catlandia will be released on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. You can play a demo right now — while you get ready for the full release soon!


Ryan Bromsgrove

Jessica Hong

Ryan Steel

Kent Noble

Kyle Taylor

Game Design & Development

Art & Design

Music & Sound

Level & Game Design

Additional Programming

Ryan Bromsgrove – Game Design & Development

Jessica Hong – Art & Design

Ryan Steel – Music & Sound

Kent Noble – Level & Game Design

Kyle Taylor – Additional Programming