Ever wanted to be a cat?

Yeah, us too. So we’re making Catlandia. It’s a 2D RPG featuring the feline inhabitants of the Cat Kingdom fighting a band of marauding dogs for dominance over a critical fish-filled lake. Inspired by the games of our youth, we’re building a turn-based strategic battle system where cats must use abilities such as Scratch, Lick, and Purr, to battle the animals threatening their mighty kingdom. And we’re making it mobile-focused. There’ll be a desktop release, but we want to bring a solid narrative experience to the devices that you take on flights, road trips, transit commutes, and screw around at the office on.

How we’re doing it

We’re splitting this project into two parts. There’s the full Catlandia game, where Truffle and Marble team up to liberate Trout Lake, but we want to bring a Catlandia experience to you sooner than that would take. That’s why we’re working on Catlandia: Prologue. This prequel chapter will be a short self-contained adventure set before the events of Catlandia, looking at Nugget and Sausage’s time stationed at Fort Pawprint: a cat outpost along the lakeshore. It’ll give us a chance to test our system in a smaller arena, with public feedback, before we commit to decisions involving the main project. It won’t be as fully-featured or polished as the main release will be, but it will give any excited players a taste of the world we’re building.

When we’ll release it

Catlandia is a labour of love. Currently, we have not looked for funding, so unfortunately, we have to balance this project with our work and other life obligations. But we’re constantly making progress, and are fairly confident that we will have something publically playable in 2018.

“I love cats. Can I just play whatever you have now?”

Yes! We do have a demo, though be aware, it is very outdated at this point. We hope to have a new demo available soon. We do also occasionally show off a work-in-progress version in-person around our home base of Edmonton, so if you happen to be in town, you can ask where we’ll be next.